Mrs Monica Palmer
Mrs Monica Palmer Principal
I believe that the learners of today are the leaders of tomorrow and we should ‘never see a need without doing something about it’.
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Mrs Julie Casey
Mrs Julie CaseyAssistant Principal
I believe in meeting the unique needs of all children, having high expectations of them, and positively impacting student learning within a faith-based environment.
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Miss Luisa DiMaio
Miss Luisa DiMaioRE Coordinator
Personally, I share a strong commitment to my faith and towards the evangelising mission of the Church within schools.
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Miss Kate Kennedy
Miss Kate KennedyLiteracy Coordinator
I believe in empowering students to become independent, confident and resilient learners who have high expectations of themselves and each other.
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Miss Nicole ElChaar
Miss Nicole ElChaarNumeracy Coordinator
I believe in creating high expectations and fostering a high sense of belief and self efficacy in students.
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Mrs Kylie Gava
Mrs Kylie GavaGifted Education Coordinator
I believe that all students should be provided with learning experiences that challenge and inspire them to strive for their own personal best.
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Miss Sarah Wannous
Miss Sarah WannousTeacher
Miss Natalie Baini
Miss Natalie BainiTeacher
Mrs Rose Theoharopoulos
Mrs Rose TheoharopoulosTeacher
Miss Deni Patalis
Miss Deni PatalisTeacher
Miss Kathy Kriss
Miss Kathy KrissTeacher
Miss Souhaila Denaro
Miss Souhaila DenaroTeacher
Mr Robert D’Amore
Mr Robert D’AmoreTeacher
Mrs Gill Cramp
Mrs Gill CrampTeacher
Mr George Bounos
Mr George BounosTeacher
Mrs Natalie Dassakis
Mrs Natalie DassakisTeacher
Mrs Danijela Drenovac
Mrs Danijela DrenovacTeacher
Miss Jennifer Awad
Miss Jennifer AwadTeacher
Miss Alana Barakat
Miss Alana BarakatTeacher
Miss Marie Chahoud
Miss Marie ChahoudTeacher
Ms Julia Clements
Ms Julia ClementsEAL/D Teacher
Mrs Bernadette Sirette
Mrs Bernadette SiretteDiverse Learning Teacher
Mrs Penny Colley
Mrs Penny ColleyReading Recovery Teacher
Mrs Maureen Roylett
Mrs Maureen RoylettLibrary Teacher
Mrs Eva Fuary
Mrs Eva FuaryLearning Support Officer
Mrs Linda Cipolla
Mrs Linda CipollaLearning Support Officer
Mrs Janet Steadman
Mrs Janet SteadmanLearning Support Officer
Ms Kim Ward
Ms Kim WardLearning Support Officer
Mrs Natalie Goetz
Mrs Natalie GoetzFamily Educator
Mrs Helen Tieu
Mrs Helen TieuOffice Staff
Mrs Barbara Thomasz
Mrs Barbara ThomaszOffice Staff
Mrs Deborah Halliday
Mrs Deborah HallidayOffice Staff
Mrs Michelle Lambkin
Mrs Michelle LambkinFinance Secretary